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Aug 15, 2011 12:30am EDT
the years. here is one of the most distinguished national security advisers. steve also was the co-leader with bill. , with an assessment on a defense review. izturis at a time when we knew there were fiscal issues, but the deficit debate was far further from the november debate. what we would like to do this morning is began by posing some questions to each of the analysts. we have television coverage today. when we go to the crowd, please identify yourself. be specific about who you are addressing your question to. i want to begin -- i think a number of reasons, the broad perspective on this recent deal is important to understand, before we get into the specifics of what its implications might be or should be or should not be regarding the national security budget. if you could begin, alex, on the deal. a short explanation. even though there has been a lot overscussion, what happenes the next few months with the current deal? >> first, how did we get here? we got into this dreadful, awful, outrageous process with the debt ceiling, an artificial crisis, and no one concerned -- no
Aug 14, 2011 9:30pm EDT
by a very prominent democrat in the state of nevada, a very strong backer of harry reid, steve wynn, a very successful businessman. on a conference call with other business leaders, he really did the president and the democratic party for not being serious about creating jobs. indeed because spending and get your fiscal house in order in order to encourage business to get off the sidelines and start investing in creating jobs and growing their businesses. if they cannot do this because this administration's policies have been failures. it was remarkable in the way that he castigated the president. host: governor. accepted $17 billion in stimulus money to help balance his budget. nikki haley of south carolina has accepted federal spending dollar. governor haley barbour of mississippi has accepted stimulus money. is it fair to press the size the president when the states have except that the spending money? guest: that is an outstanding question and it will be held against them. is there some hypocrisy in it? i do think that on balance, conservative governors, whether rick perry or scott walk
Aug 12, 2011 11:00am EDT
steve and peter for recognizing the importance of asia and air-sea battle. a lot of the challenges, however that are being faced, our air and space power. the u.s. being a stabilizing force in space, as you discuss some of your principles, how prominent will the considerations of the industrial base be to protect that give the u.s. that distinct and asymmetrical foreign policy freedom of action that relies upon global warming and surveillance that relies upon air mobility that rely upon our ability to have air superiority to reach out to touch the world and make effects were needed. >> before we get the response, ma'am, over to you. >> thank you for bringing up the balanced approach with asia. my question has to do with business. that is our whole focus. i believe the next battle will be economic, and right here in america. could you address why we are cutting the budget? would there be a purpose to build capacity among small businesses here, in defense of our own jobs, to protect jobs for veterans? in case the chinese come here and established companies here, with support with the
Aug 13, 2011 12:00pm EDT
on to win the election. steve forbes came in second. anderson thereabout 20,000 people there -- i understand there were about 20,000 people there, a record for the iowa straw poll. how do you win a the number of candidates. >> going back to 1999, there were a number of candidates, such as elizabeth dole, who withdrew shortly after the straw poll. there was tommy thompson, sam brownback, two examples of people whose campaigns did not continue after a disappointing straw poll performance. >> bob dole had tied and then went on to lose to bill clinton. >> and before that, dan quayle and dick lugar also withdrew from seeking the presidency. >> what can viewers expect when the gavel comes down at noon central, 1:00 eastern? >> it is going to be a packed house. we will kick things off with a short video. i will come out and make some short remarks. we will hear from our governor, our lieutenant governor, and approximately 1:00 eastern, all of the candidates will be on stage for a group photo so that the entire arena can see all of the candidates on stage at once. we will have a little video that ce
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4